Charter Council » 2021-2022 Nobel Charter Council Election

2021-2022 Nobel Charter Council Election

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Jancy Amaya

I am a parent, community member, and an educator for over 20 years. I would like an opportunity to advocate for the best interest of the students and community at large.

Lorena Castro

My name is Lorena Castro and I am the parent of two daughters, an 8th grader at Nobel Middle School and a 5th grader at Balboa Magnet. My background is in Social Work and Education am looking forward to serving as part of the School Site Council at Nobel Charter.

Dan Field

Greetings fellow parents, Nobel teachers and administrators.  I would love to serve another term on the Nobel Charter Council this year.  My son is in 8th grade, and I’m excited to be involved with his school. 
I believe I offer a valuable perspective for our charter council in support of our children’s health and safety during the pandemic from the standpoint of my experience as an RN with a board certification in infection control and epidemiology.  I am currently the director of Infection Prevention at West Hills Hospital, where one of my responsibilities is to maintain continuous communication with the Los Angeles County and California public health departments about outbreaks, including our current COVID-19 situation and other health threats.  I am also certified by the Joint Regional Intelligence Center as a terrorism liaison officer as part of my hospital emergency preparedness responsibilities, and as a result I receive almost daily briefings on a wide range of security and safety concerns relevant to our area and beyond.  I will ensure that our school is aware of local threats to our children’s health and safety through my access to these resources. 
Thank you for considering me again for this role in support of our kids.
Respectfully yours,
Dan Field

Seth Katz

Biography not submitted by parent.

Nina Niu-Ok

I have 2 children, one of whom is currently a student at Nobel Middle School, the other who's an alumnus of Nobel and just graduated from the LAUSD school system, currently attending her first year of college. I have been involved with my children's education experience since they were preschoolers, starting as a parent worker at a cooperative preschool and expanding to volunteer work in their classrooms and serving on the PTA boards at all of their schools, over a span of 13 years. I am currently serving on 2 school PTA boards as well as an officer position at the North West Valley PTSA Council. In addition to the volunteer work, I work part-time as data analyst for a health care consulting firm. I have a background in project management and health system operations, with degrees in public health and business economics.

Rea Olalia-Mourad

My name is Rea Olalia-Mourad, mother to two beautiful children. My son is a 5th Grader at Darby Avenue Elementary and my daughter is an 8th Grader here at Nobel Charter Middle School.
After 27 years working in the corporate world full time, I made the decision to stay home and devote my time to my children and their education. This decision has brought me many years of joy and new ventures with PTA!

I began to volunteer at Darby as a classroom mom. I enjoyed it so much that it became my driving force for joining PTA and becoming much more involved with many PTA fundraising events. I was so involved that eventually I became VP for Ways & Means and finally PTA president for two years at Darby. My reason for being so engaged is wanting to help improve the school for my children and all students by providing additional tools they need and trying to improve the school experience as a whole. 2 years ago, 2019-2020, I was elected as Parent Representative of Nobel Charter Council. Currently I am on my second and last term as Nobel PTSA President and serving as Parliamentarian for Darby PTA.
The entire experience of being involved with school has been rewarding for me in many ways. I learned many skills which I have been able to use to keep PTSA active during the pandemic. Being a parent volunteer for the past 6 years opened my eyes to all things school, children and parents. I believe I can use this experience to help Nobel Charter Council should I be given another opportunity to be a Parent Representative.

Alex Paynter

Biography not submitted by parent.

Chris Schiffman

I am a working Dad and would like to be more involved with the school. Usually my wife is the one to join all the committees and councils, and I would like to take this opportunity to learn more. Thank you for your consideration.

Meseret Tekeste

I'm a mother of a 7th grader @ Nobel. Professionally, i'm an account manager @ a business management firm located in Woodland Hills. I'm hoping my professional skills of managing my clients finances and needs will be useful tools during Nobel Charter council meetings. Although, my plate is full. It would be a privilege and honor to be a council member. Nobel staff and teachers have done an amazing job during these difficult times. And i'd love to be a member to assist with continuing the excelance and show my Nobel pride!!! Lastly, I was an alternate council member during the 2020-2021 school year.
Thank you for your time,
Meseret Tekeste

Ellen Ticzon

Hello, my name is Ellen Ticzon. It would be an honor to serve on the Nobel Charter Council. I previously served on the Nobel Charter Council when my daughters were in 6th grade. My twins daughters are currently in 8th grade.
I took a break because I became actively involved in the Nobel PTSA. Now I know I can do both. I am life long learner and I find it very rewarding to be an advocate for the school and its community. My children were in the Head Start Program and went to elementary school with an IEP. Now they are self-motivated studious people whom have the utmost respect for all people. I always had a passion for helping my community. Previously I volunteered for underprivileged families in New York where I am previously from. Therefore, I will represent all learners and their neighborhoods.
Thank you for your consideration.
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