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Instructor: Ms. Malpasuto 

Hi, Welcome to the Nobel Middle School Equestrian Team website!  Please look around click on the links, and come join us for some Horse 'n around. 


The Interscholastic Equestrian League is a publicly supported non-profit corporation operating exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, to foster regional and national amateur equestrian sports competition. The primary goals and objectives of the League are: to support and develop athletes for regional and national competition in equestrian sports; to encourage a knowledge of horsemanship; to encourage teamwork in fair and friendly competition; to encourage the development of superior riding skills in young riders; and to take any and all actions that may be considered appropriate to accomplish the foregoing. 

     If you would like to donate to the Nobel Middle School Equestrian Team, or to room 78 ...please see Ms. Malpasuto in room 78 or e-mail at tdb6252@lausd.net 
Thank you, everything is greatly appreciated!
Our Second Nobel Equestrian Team Horse Show will be March 3rd. *we will not be participating in this show.
New Members
    If you would like to be a part of the Nobel Middle School Equestrian Team please see me....Ms. Malpasuto in room 78, or contact me through e-mail tdb6252@lausd.net
                                                       Thank you
                                                     Ms. Malpasuto