Mrs. Schroeder would like to welcome you to her website!
On the menu to the right, you will find many useful links. As the year progresses, these links might change as my students need them. But for now, this is where you can access the online version of our curriculum that students will be taking home in packets. (the Go Math! textbook they were given at the beginning of the year is a useful resource for all the topics and can provide extra practice and can remain at home.)
Schroeders in New Orleans
 Other useful links are the Syllabus for your class which explains my grading. This year I am using Mastery Grading which can be quite confusing if you've never experienced it. The big difference is that your grade is a reflection of ONLY your level of mastery of the content standards for your class
Mrs. Schroeder has been teaching at Nobel for 17 years. She went to college at CSUN, got her credential and Masters Degree there also. She continues to work with the university in a variety of ways including working with student teaching and also coaching teachers from other schools as part of research projects in how to improve math education.
This photograph is from our summer trip to New Orleans to meet my husband's donor family. He had an organ transplant a little over a year ago and we were so blessed to meet this wonderful family who's father saved my husband's life.
Mrs. Schroeder also has two kittens, Zoe & Gabby and two min-pins, Sasha and Tia that keep us constantly entertained!
kittens dogs