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Hello students and parents,
Welcome World History! I am looking forward to a great school year I hope that you are as well. On my Nobel Charter MS website page you will find a listing of all my classes. Click on the class you(or your child) are enrolled in to find out news and information about requirements and upcoming events. Every student has been provided with an access code to view their grades on SCHOOLOGY, please make sure that you log in periodically to monitor your progress in the class. The syllabus is also listed under every class and the requirements for the school year are listed there.
Thank you for being part of the Nobel Charter MS School community as it is my pleasure to be working with you.

Mr. Ayala


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World History Students

Pope Leo and Attila Warm-up/Summary Due Wednesday 10/2/19
Christianity Textbook re-write due Wednesday 10/2/19

World History Students

Chapter one (1) test tomorrow 9/26/19. 
Make sure you prepare and be ready.
Also, chapter one (1) vocabulary is due as well.

World History Students

Test for the material covered so far will be on Thursday 9/26/19
Please be sure to review the following.
1. Chapter 1 in textbook. Vocabulary.
2. The notes
   a. Historian's toolkit
   b. Chapter 1 notes Rome and Rise of Christianity
   c. Pope Leo and Attila powerpoint
   d. Roman persecution of Christians
3. Documents
   a. Augustus
   b. Pope Leo and Attila
   c. Roman Persecution of Christians
4. All other related content

World History Students

Chapter one 1 vocabulary, Rome and the rise of Christianity is due on Thursday 9/19/19

Honors Students

Students please be sure to sign-up for your semester project this week at the start of Nutrition, Lunch, and before and after School by Friday 9/20/19 in my room #36

World History Students

Journals 1 and 2 will be due tomorrow 9/17/19. Please refer to journal procedure for format.

World History Students

Journals 1 and 2 will be due Tuesday 9/17.
Please refer to journal procedure for format.