Tutorials are a vital part of our program, there are three steps of the entire tutorial process.
  1. Before: The AVID student must prepare a TRF form at home that pertains to a question they have from something they are studying in one of their classes.
  2. During: Students work together in small groups (4-6), where one at a time, they present their question and what they know. The group collectively partakes in a Socratic Dialogue to figure out the next steps their peer must take. This part of the tutorial is about assessing what they know and using each other as resources to get to the next step.
  3.  After: This step comes at the end of the TRF group work and its when the students take time to reflect on how the process went and what they learned from that particular tutoring session.
In the AVID program tutorial sessions are not always about getting the answer right away. More often than not, we encourage students to ask specific higher level thinking questions to help their peers figure out the answers.