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AVID Team Building
Spring 2019 
AVID 7th & 8th Grade Mixer
Fall 2018
Daisy Alas: The Life of a Graduate Student 
Daisy Alas, was no stranger to many of the students in AVID as she herself has worked one on one with many of the AVID students in previous years. She is a graduate student attending CSU Long Beach and is studying Speech Pathology. She invited the kids to ask questions about her major and what the differences are between being an undergrad and graduate student. Things like internships and job opportunities were also popular topics, the students were curious about. 
Mrs. Garcia, is a successful medical equipment engineer who spent a greater time of her career working for Aerojet. She spoke extensively about the trials and tribulations of being a first generation college student attending IVY League institutions; she attended MIT for undergrad and Stanford for graduate. She also shed some light on what being a woman in the STEM field is like and ignited powerful conversations among the students. 
Visit from Registered Nurse Mrs. Elaine Butterworth
AVID College Fair Spring 2016
AVID Ronald Reagan Library Visit
AVID San Jose State Visit