A Message from PTSA about Donors Choose

We hope that everyone is having a wonderful break from school! If anyone is looking to spread some holiday cheer, I would like to draw your attention to Donors Choose, and the special they are doing now thanks to Google. For those of you not familiar with Donors Choose, it is a website where public school teachers can post requests for things they need in the classroom, and donors can contribute as much or as little as they choose to that project. Donations are tax-deductible, and for $50+ donations, hand-written thank you letters are sent to the donor from some of the students benefiting from the project (the letters are sent through Donors Choose -- donors' addresses and other personal information is NOT disclosed to the teachers or students).

Currently, Google is matching all donations to projects seeking Chromebooks, dollar for dollar (up to $5 million). That cuts the cost in half of funding such projects -- a project that would have cost $500, for example, (which would provide two Chromebooks) only needs $250 in donations from other donors, since that will be matched by Google.

As of now, there are some Nobel teachers that have active requests for Chromebooks.  It is unknown how long Google's $5 million will last, so if this interests you (and hopefully it does!), please check it out soon on Donors Choose and consider making a donation. Donations made on or before December 31 are tax-deductible on your 2016 taxes if you itemize, so you can lower your tax bill by doing something good for our wonderful school, teachers and students. https://www.donorschoose.org/…/alfred-bernhard-nobel…/7041/…