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Culmination Attendance Policy

Culmination Policy


Nobel Charter’s Attendance Policy requires students to have at least 97% or higher attendance (miss no more than 7 days per school year). Students who attend school regularly are more likely to achieve academic success.


Any student who accumulates a total of more than 7 DAYS OF ABSENCE during any school year, WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN HIS/HER CULMINATION CEREMONY without clearance by the committee.  The committee will review each case individually to determine whether the student is eligible. The Committee will consist of school officials such as the school nurse, the student’s counselor, the AP in charge of Attendance, the Dean of Students, teachers and the principal.


If any 6th or 7th-grade student becomes ineligible for culmination, due to more than 7 days of absence, he/she will be placed on Culmination Ceremony Probation.


A student will be given ONE opportunity to be removed from Culmination Probation by having one future school year with no more than 5 days of absence.  This means any student who has at least two years with more than 7 days of absence per year, WILL NOT be eligible to participate in his/her Culmination Ceremony.


Please be aware that we expect all of our students to attend school every day and be on time.


Here are some suggestions to help you and your child establish positive attendance habits:

  • Create morning and evening routines
  • Schedule all appointments after school, on weekends or during vacation or holidays, if possible
  • Plan family vacations for non-school days only
  • Inform your school of any issues that may be affecting your child’s attendance, including chronic health conditions