Attendance Office Procedures

Nobel Charter Middle School has a large student population; therefore, the Attendance Office is quite active with limited office staff.  In order to best serve you efficiently, we ask that you please assist us with our procedures.


As you review our attendance procedures, please note that we encourage daily attendance.  Los Angeles Unified School District Attendance Policy requires students to have at least 96% or higher attendance (miss no more than 7 days per school year).




The warning bell for 1st period rings at 7:53.


First (1st) period begins at 8:00amIf a student arrives late, he/she is considered tardy.  Excessive tardiness may affect your child’s grades and possibly classify them as truant.


  • If your student arrives before 8:30 a.m., they go directly to 1st period with a note
  • If your student arrives AFTER 8:30,  your student must check in with the attendance office with a note from parent/guardian.
  • When students are marked absent or tardy to any of their classes, an automated phone message or email is sent notifying the parent/guardian.


When a student has been absent, the student is required to return with a note verifying the reason.  Per California State Auditors, the note should include:


Student’s first & last names write legal name (no nickname)
Dates of absence
Current date
Birth date
Reason for absence
Parent signature


Students bring their absence notes to the attendance office before first period or nutrition.  They should arrive to school with enough time to check into the office in order to avoid being tardy.

Failure to send a note with your student may result in loss of instructional time when their absence requires verification.


If the student is absent five (5) days or more a medical note is required.

If a student is absent for a length of time due to medical/illness, please notify the attendance office.


Absence Note forms are available here.

Per State Law {EC: 48260-8273} Notes are requiredAnything other than a medical/illness, court, or funeral reasons are unexcused and count towards truancy.  The district automatically generates a letter to inform parents/guardians of truancy.


Students must be present every day of the school year from 1st to 6th period. 
Leaving early or coming later in the day will not constitute perfect attendance.


Notes are REQUIRED for early dismissal from school.  Please SEND A NOTE WITH STUDENTS stating:
Reason, time of dismissal and parent’s signature
Student gives the note to the attendance off in the morning
Student informs the teacher of/her early dismissal
Student meets their parent/guardian in the attendance office
Parent signs-out their child
If you must pick-up your child unexpectedly, please notify the Attendance Office before arriving to the school.
Take into consideration that it takes time for the student to arrive to the office especially at the end of the day, please be patient.  (The student may be at an assembly, library, P.E., school activity, etc.)  If the student is in P.E., they may not have access to the locker room to change back into street clothes during class time.