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Nobel Enrollment Policies

In order to receive an enrollment packet all original documents are required as proof of residence and must be in the name of at least one of the parents or legal guardian.


If you own the property:

  • Current Property Tax Bill
  • Current Gas Bill
  • Current DWP Bill


If you lease or rent the property:

  • Lease Agreement or Rental Agreement
  • Current Gas Bill
  • Current DWP Bill


Please note, giving a false address or the address of a friend or relative is illegal and subject to prosecution as fraud. Giving a false address is also subject to civil penalties or lawsuit NCMS has an internal system to actively investigate all cases where it has a reason to believe that residency has changed and/or false information has been provided. Address verifications will be done at random times. All students with false addresses will be transferred to their home school.



- Birth Certificate

- Current DWP / Gas bill or lease agreement or closing escrow

- Immunization card

*required vaccines are the Tdap (Adacel) vaccine and

the Hepatitis B vaccine (3 doses) for all 7th & 8th *

- 4th grade State Test Scores (i.e. California Standard Test (CST), Stanford 9S)

- If applicable, copy of IEP (Individualized Educational Plan)

- If applicable, copy of 504 plan

- If applicable, court ordered documents


ALL applicable documents must be included with enrollment packet (given by Attendance Office staff) in order to be processed and for the incoming student to be enrolled.


If student is incoming mid school year, withdrawal papers from previous enrolled school are mandatory.

If you have further questions, please call the Attendance Office at 818-773-4700.


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