Counseling Office

Every Nobel student is assigned a counselor based on the first letter of their last name. Counselors provide academic and vocational guidance, help plan elective choices, make necessary program changes and handle disciplinary concerns. Counselors are available to help with personal and school problems. Often, problems may seem overwhelming and can be helped by conferring with a competent, caring person. Parents/Guardians are always encouraged to contact teacher and/or the counseling office when they have concerns. Working together with administrators, teachers and parents, the counselors encourage students’ academic and personal growth.
Students may visit the counseling office on their own before school, at nutrition, or after school. Students should not come to the counseling office during passing periods; they must request a referral or a pass from their teacher first.
Grade Reports to Parents

Progress reports/report cards are sent home every five weeks. Parents are encouraged to review these reports and communicate with teachers and/or counselors when questions or concerns arise. To monitor student progress on a daily, weekly, or periodic basis, parents and teachers may use the daily planner for any necessary communication between home and school.
All progress reports and report cards must be signed by a parent and returned by the required due date.