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Textbook Room Staff:
Ms. Quesada
Phone: (818) 773-4752


  • In California, a set of textbooks is provided free of charge to each student. 
  • Books issued to students are to be covered and protected at all times.


Lost or Damaged Textbooks:

  • If a book is not returned when due or when student checks out of Nobel, the student’s name will go on a textbook delinquency list until the student pays for the missing book. The debts carry forward from year to year and are sent on to the next school the student attends.
  • Students on delinquency lists are ineligible for special student activities, including participation in the culmination ceremony. Once the loss is reported, the student will be issued a new text so he/she may continue their studies. However, he/she will still owe the debt for the missing book. If the book is found after it has been paid for and it is returned to the textbook room, the student will receive a refund for the amount paid when the book was reported lost.
  • Students who damage textbooks by writing in them or mutilating them in any way, will be fined for the damages and their name will be on the delinquency list until the fine is paid.