Student Store

General Information

The Nobel Student Store is the place to purchase school supplies, including notebooks, book covers, paper, pens, pencils, folders, erasers, index cards and other stationery store items. Gym clothes and snacks are also sold at the student store. 

 *Students can pick up PE clothes with a check or cash during the school day.

Store Hours:
For Parents:  The store is open for business 3:15-3:30pm. 

For Students:  The store is open for business before school, during nutrition and lunch and after school.

No checks will be accepted at the student store for more than the amount of purchase. Because we do not keep large amounts of cash on hand, please do not send your child to school with bills larger than $20. If you must make payments to more than one area of the school, be sure to have enough cash with you. Individual checks, made out for each expense, are also acceptable. All checks should be made payable to Nobel Middle School.


Parents - The student store is responsible for Lost and Found.  For most items, we have them displayed on a rack where the kids can see them.  Phones and other more expensive items are kept in the school safe room.  If your child has lost a phone this year, please email Amanda Bandy, Financial Manager.  There is a link from the Student Store Staff page.  The student store currently has about 10 unclaimed phones.  These phones will be responsibly recycled at the end of the school year.  Those trying to claim a phone must identify the make, model, case AND be able to unlock it with their passcode.  As a reminder, it is very helpful to put a parental phone number on a note on the back of the phones between the phone and the case.  We check the phones to see if we can identify the owner.



We give the students about two weeks to claim clothing items.  After that time, clothing is donated to MEND.  Please remind your children to check the lost and found on consecutive days.  Sometimes an item may not be turned in for a few days.   If you are able to put your child's name on an article, please use first initial and last name.