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Chromebook Insurance

Important Update for Chromebook Insurance
Chromebook insurance is only available for devices provided by Nobel.  If you received a district issued device, our insurance policy will not cover it.  To prevent families from purchasing insurance for devices that will not be covered, we have implemented a verification process.  If you are interested in purchasing insurance for this school year, please complete the form below.  You will be contacted by Mr. Soderstrom who will confirm your eligibility to purchase insurance.  If you are eligible, he will provide you with the authorization code required by the insurance company.
Procedures for Filing a Claim:
  • Report chromebook issue to Mr. Soderstrom by completing Chromebook Issues (2020-2021) form.
  • Wait for confirmation from Mr. Soderstrom by email that a claim should be submitted.
  • Upon confirmation from Mr. Soderstrom, log in to your account at School Device Coverage and submit a claim.
  • Confirm with Mr. Soderstrom that the claim was submitted.
  • Wait for instructions from Mr. Soderstrom
Mr. Soderstrom can be reached at [email protected]