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The Health Office at Nobel is located in Room 9A by the Administration Building. The school nurse is on campus Monday to Friday, 7:50 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. The nurse will provide first aid and help with minor health problems. Any on-campus injury should be reported to the nurse immediately.
If you need to see the nurse, you must first report to your classroom teacher to get a pass to go to the Health Office.
All students must have an up-to-date emergency card, on file in the Health Office. The students can only be released from school to those people listed on the card by the student’s parent or legal guardian. If the student is hurt at school, the emergency card is necessary to get the student emergency medical care. Your parents and you should keep the nurse informed of any special health needs that you have and always keep the emergency card, with accurate phone numbers, updated.

Other than providing first aid, the school nurse is unable to offer any treatment or provide any medication unless it is under a doctor’s written order. Any medication to be taken at school, even over-the-counter medicines such as Tylenol, aspirin, Midol, etc., must be taken and kept in the Health Office with written doctor's orders. Students are not allowed to have any medications in their possession during the school day.

A doctor’s note is required for all of the following: 

  • to take medicine at school
  • to be in school with a cast
  • to be in school with crutches
  • to be excused from P.E. for more than three (3) days
  • to explain any medical conditions and special needs of the student pertaining to school
  • to be readmitted to school following hospitalization and after prolonged absences of more than four (4) days
A student returning to school with sutures (stitches, staples), ace bandages (elastic bandages, slings), casts, splints, crutches, cane, walker, knee walker/knee scooter, or a wheelchair must have a licensed California health care provider’s written permission to attend school that clearly lists those devices and includes any recommendations and/or restrictions related to physical activity, mobility, and safety.