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Nobel STEAM Magnet Vision

Our vision for Nobel STEAM Magnet Center will prepare our Magnet students for fields of interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, and Math that will connect them to real world applications for high school, college, and beyond.


These interests can be made by providing these programs for all learners in STEAM during the school day embedded in the classroom curriculum and elective courses offered to Magnet students.


Nobel STEAM Magnet Mission

Magnet teachers work to help each student realize his/her potential in all STEAM curricular areas, by adopting the philosophy of “Learning by Doing” as the curricular focus. This type of learning will be targeted in core classes such as Science, Math, and ELA and strengthened with Magnet school electives in Engineering, Technology, Music, and the Arts.


This mission reinforces STEAM and upgrades our program to the technological age. This upgrade comes in the form of one to one electronic devices starting in grade 6, and added elective classes and after school programs. In sum, the core Magnet classes will focus on technological integration and experiential learning while elective classes are added to impact student achievement.


Our Magnet STEAM Program will provide a multi-tiered system of support based on ongoing data analysis to inform instruction and intervention. Learning models such as Mastery Learning, Growth Mindset, Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning, and Project Based Learning will be utilized to improve outcomes for all students.