2019 Magnet School Tour Dates

Nobel Charter Middle School

Nobel STEAM Magnet Center

2019 Magnet School Tour Dates


Magnet Tours are an important step in selecting a Magnet Program for your child. It is encouraged to bring your child to the tour!


Each tour begins with an informative presentation in our MPR (Multi- Purpose Room / Auditorium) followed by a question and answer session. Performances from our Music Program and Play Production will greet you when you arrive!


Parents and students are formed into groups and are taken on a guided tour of the campus. Grade 6-8 Magnet Academic and Elective classrooms are toured, where STEAM themes are showcased.


Upon completion of the tours, there is time to address any additional questions or concerns. Remember,  the best way to choose a Magnet Program is to visit the schools of interest to evaluate if it fits your child’s needs.


All tours are from 9 - 11 am, beginning in the MPR.


Call Nobel STEAM Magnet Center Office at (818) 773-4730 to make a reservation.


Nobel STEAM Magnet Tour Dates:


October 2019:                                                November 2019:

     Mon. 10/7                                                         Mon. 11/4     

     Mon. 10/14                                                       Wed. 11/6

     Mon. 10/21   

     Wed. 10/23

     Mon. 10/28   

     Wed. 10/30


*CHOICES Application Deadline is November 15, 2019