2022 Magnet School Tour Dates

Nobel Charter Middle School

Nobel STEAM Magnet Center

2022 Magnet School On Campus Tour Dates


Magnet Tours are an important step in selecting a Magnet Program for your child. It is encouraged that you and your child participate in the on campus tour!

Our Tours will take place on campus from 8:30 - 10:00 AM on the following dates:

  1. Monday October 3
  2. Thursday October 6
  3. Monday October 10
  4. Monday October 17
  5. Monday October 24
  6. Wednesday November 2 


Each tour will begin with an informative presentation about the engaging programs offered at Nobel STEAM Magnet Center, in our MPR at 8:30 AM.

Question and Answer opportunities will be provided after the presentation.

Campus tours will be from 9-10 AM, immediately following the presentation in the MPR.



Please register for the on campus tours using the following link.


Google Register Form:






Please view the following Nobel STEAM Magnet Program Slide Presentation to learn more about Nobel Charter Middle School!
*CHOICES Application Deadline is November 18, 2022