College and Career » October is College Month Let's send our Nighthawk to college!

October is College Month Let's send our Nighthawk to college!

Directions: Cut out one of the images of the Nobel Nighthawk (or both), photograph the Nighthawk enjoying higher education or student activities, and email photos to:
Similar to "Flat Stanley", the Nobel Nighthawk will be spotted at different colleges engaging in student and college life.  Photos will be posted on the Nobel website throughout the month. For this activity to be a success, our Nighthawk will need your help. Please print or email the hawk to friends and loved ones all over the country to see where the Nobel Nighthawk will end up. Let's try to send our hawk as far and wide as we can. How awesome would it be if the Nobel Nighthawk could be spotted over studying overseas!!
Attached you will find two images of the Nobel Nighthawk.  Let's send it to College! Any post-secondary education is valuable and can be included in the Nighthawk's quest for knowledge.  Culinary School? Cosmetology school? Let's get our Nighthawk some higher education!!
Hawk Sightings
Our Hawk has been spotted on a college tour! Don't forget to check back to see what other colleges are lucky enough to meet the Nobel Nighthawk.