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No late work accepted after December 11, 2020
Help me with distance learning! 
Help me give my students a dynamic learning experience both in person and online with a Microsoft Surface Pro!

I am fortunate to have an amazing and hard working group of students who are working so diligently to stay on top of their learning. I am creating my own videos and utilizing YouTube, Schoology, and email to help facilitate their learning. My students are doing their part. My equipment makes it difficult for me to do mine. I can do better for them. With your help, I will do better for them.

With a Microsoft Surface Pro and a Surface Slim Pen, I will have the technological tools I need to give my students a dynamic learning experience both in the classroom and online. The flexibility of this device will allow me to create engaging presentations that will have my students excited about learning. I will also be able to create instructional videos that will help to supplement their online learning and our face to face instruction when we return to school.

Any and all support is greatly appreciated. To help me in this quest, just follow the attached link. Thank you for an amazing year!
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