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Ms. Lamberte


Welcome to Nobel Charter Middle School.  My name is Ms. Lamberte and I am the Computer Science Discoveries Teacher for 7th & 8th grade. I have a Bachelor’s Degree from UCLA and a Master’s Degree from Claremont University. I am also a Nationally Board Certified Teacher in Mathematics.

 In this semester course, students will investigate:

Unit 1 Problem Solving

Explore the problem solving process and the different ways humans and computers solve problems.

Unit 2 Web Development

Discover the language powering the web.  Build your own websites in HTML and CSS using Web Lab.

Unit 3 Animation & Games

Learn the powerful constructs underlying programming languages.  Build interactive animations and games in JavaScript using Game Lab.


Students will also use Google Apps for Education. They will be able to create documents, presentations and other projects using Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawing, and Maps.

Each student will have a Google Drive account to organize all of his or her digital work and have an account with and  In addition, Schoology will be used so students can view assignment details, submit assignments, and view rubrics to ensure success. 

I look forward to an exciting school year. I hope my students and I continue learning about the newest technology tools, programs and applications that are available, as technology is always advancing and changing.


Ms. Lamberte