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Last Day to Complete LATE BrainPOPs - 9/22 @11:59PM

Hello 8th Mrs. Richard's 8th Gr. U.S History Classes!

Late BrainPOPs for a specific chapter can be completed up until the day the assessment/test/end of our study for the chapter.

For example:
This coming Tuesday, September 22 at 11:59PM, will be the final day for ALL LATE BrainPOPs to be completed for any credit.

After Tuesday, September 22, you can no longer submit the following BrainPOPS for credit.

1. Columbian Exchange BrainPOP - (originally due: 8/28/20)
2. French and Indian War BrainPOP - (originally due: 9/10/20)
3. Regions of the 13 Colonies - (originally due: 9/9/20)
4. Causes of the American Revolution - (originally due: 9/18/20)

If you have NOT YET completed any of these, they can still be completed through September 22 at 11:59PM for late credit.

After this date I will not be checking the BrainPOP website for these particular assignments again.

BrainPOP is a GREAT learning tool. The downside for teachers is that we have to go check the BP website for the scores for each assignment for each class. Right now, I have 20 different BrainPOP assignments for my history classes to check through. Therefore, for each chapter, the end of the chapter's study will be the end of your window to complete late BrainPOP assignments.
Complete any late BrainPOPs now, if you have not already done so!

Thank you for your understanding,
Mrs. Richard

P.S. If you are completing BrainPOPs on time, you're good! Don't worry! This message is meant to notify and remind anyone who still has BrainPOP(s) not complete.


How to TURN OFF Overdue Assignment Notifications

If you are receiving Overdue Submissions Emails and find them to be unnecessary, please see the attachment for how to stop them.

-I suggest turning OFF the Overdue Submissions Emails.

-I suggestion keeping your "Email Summary" ON. You can select either DAILY or WEEKLY. That's up to you. 

If an assignment doesn't have a score (it's blank) in grade book, please know that it just means the teacher has not yet entered the grade. If you student has completed the assignment, but the teacher has not yet graded it at the exact moment it's 'due' an email is sent to the parent(s). This seems unnecessary. If you would like them, by all means, you're welcome to keep them on. Most assignment however, will be graded after the due date. Thank you! 

Raising Your Grade

Hello East Richardistan!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

15-Week Grades are going in early next week, so any unfinished work in by this Friday, May 8.

Focus on whatever is TAGGED "MISSING." Do those assignments first so that your grade will go up.

I'm grading work since 3/13/20 at up to full credit, so look at what has been marked missing (big orange circle thing in your grades on Schoology) and do those first, even before this week's lessons.

Let's get those grades going up!!! :) If you have many missing assignments, please message me with any questions or to at least let me know that you're out there, ok?

I miss you all!
Mrs. R

Spring Break and Updates

Hello East Richardistan!
This coming week is Spring Break. I hope you can use this week to destress, relax, and even process what's been happening around us.
I will be working this week a bit to catch up on grading, lesson planning, and professional developments for the district. I will be on and off Schoology here and there, but won't be regularly available as I have been the last three weeks. I am also going to try and destress, relax, process what's going on, and go for lots of bike rides to get some fresh air.
I will be uploading assignments for the week upon return, and possibly beyond. However, they won't be due until after Easter. If you so choose to take advantage of this time to get ahead, you are welcome to do so, but I will create deadlines where if you start back up on Monday after Easter, you'll be able to complete assignments on time.
If you are behind on any assignments (in any class), I encourage you to use this week to catch up, so you can start afresh, with no stress (see what I did there?) after Spring Break, strong and ready to tackle the rest of the semester.
Thus far in our online schooling, I have assigned the following:
1. First Invasion: War of 1812 - Video and Notes/Questions
2. Industrial Revolution - Brain Pop - Video and Quiz
3. U.S. STATES Map Quiz (the capitals assignment is to come)
4. Presidents: Madison, Monroe, Quincy Adams - Videos and Notes
5. Quarantine Check-in Writing Assignment
6. Translate the Star Spangled Banner
7. Zoom Meeting Norms - Agreement
After Spring Break I will be offering a Zoom meeting at least once a week, depending on if students are able to keep to the rules/norms.
Please let me know how Zoom meetings are going in other classes. What works? What hasn't? I plan to do some Kahoot and Quizlet Live Zoom events in the coming weeks.
Record Co. Project:
I am going to be working on an electronic submission for this project, and will keep the May 8 due date.
*Please let me know if you have not been able to get in touch with your group.
I miss you all. I am very bummed that I won't be able to do the full Record Co. Project experience with you, but hope I can come up with a modification that will allow us to do it in spite of our circumstances. I'm also bummed I won't be able to in person teach you about the Industrial Revolution, Andrew Jackson, and the Civil War and all the projects I had planned for them. I am working on modifications to make this online learning as great as possible.
I'd like to hear from you how assignments are going. What's confusing? What's working?
Again, I miss you all. I hope we can be together soon.
I hope you have a relaxing Spring Break.
Mrs. Richard

Hello East Richardistan,

Please read this whole message.

I wanted to take a moment to tell you all how proud I am of you all for jumping in and embracing this at home study.

I know this is a HUGE transition.

Please know that I will be patient with you and online submissions. Please adhere to the deadlines, but DON'T PANIC. If you are having an issue, post your question to the Q & A Discussion page (under "Materials") and hopefully another student will be able to answer your question. If they can't, or don't, then of course message me.

Please be checking Schoology at least once daily. I *suggest* check once in the morning and once in the afternoon/evening.

Where I will post certain things:

Assignments will be posted with any attachments:
1. In "Materials" (and grades)
2. Updates
3. Nobel Website
*If you can't find something on one of these locations, check one of the others.

1. Updates
2. Nobel Website
3. Q & A Discussion Board
4. Messages (like this one) when needed

Submitting Assignments:
1. Please submit assignments on Schoology following the "How do Students Submit Assignments" instructions that I've posted in several places on Schoology and here on the class pages.

2. WHEREVER POSSIBLE: please complete assignments in PEN, and take a photo of your work to upload.

Teachers can see the last time you've checked in on Schoology, and I appreciate seeing nearly all of you checking in at least once a day.
*Would you check in with all your friends to see if they are logging in to Schoology?

Please consider checking the Q & A Discussion Page (on Schoology under "Materials") at least once a day to see what questions are being asked/answered.

I will be grading hard copy assignments that you completed (through last Friday) BEFORE I start grading the online-at-home-study assignments. I have been spending so much time in the online transition, I haven't quite yet been able to dive into grading your hard copy work from before we left school. Please be patient as I work through this transition.

Please reach out if there is a line of communication that isn't working, or is confusing.

Please know, that while it is novel to be home, I would MUCH rather be in person meeting at school with all of you over this. Please be patient with us, and I promise we will be patient with you.

I will try to be consistent with where I post work, and how I post work/communication. However, as time goes on with this at-home-study, how I run class may change.
I need to know students are seeing my Updates. Please "LIKE" all posts that you read and understand. If you don't understand something, post it to the Q & A Discussion Forum on Schoology and others or I will be able to help you.

I look forward to seeing all of you soon, rather than just that little profile pic. :) I am optimistic it will be soon.

Blessings to you and your family,
Mrs. Richard

How Do Students Submit Assignments On Schoology

See attachment for instructions on how to submit assignments on Schoology. 
OPTIONS to complete and submit work:
1. Print the page (if you have a printer), fill in the answers with your own handwriting, take a pic, submit it to me on Schoology (see attachment for instructions).
2. Write out your answers to the questions in your own handwritting on a separate sheet of paper. Then take a picture and submit to me on Schoology (see attachment for instructions). 
All answers should be in students' own handwriting rather than typed. :) Please contact me if you have any questions about this so we can work it out. 

Hello Parents of Room 79,
Below is a list items we could use in our classroom. If you would like to donate any of these, they would be greatly appreciated, and be put to good use this semester.

-sanitizing wet wipes
-baby wipes
-paper towels
-hand sanitizer
-old vinyl records (any type that would otherwise not be used - this is for an upcoming project)
-old vinyl record sleeves
-middle school age-appropriate fiction and non-fiction books (for our classroom library)
-tennis balls (used or new) (if you know anyone who plays tennis and would like to donate their used tennis balls, they would be put to good use)

Classroom Wish List (updated)

Hello Parents of Room 79!                                                               August 2017

The 2017-18 school year is off to a fantastic start. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement thus far. It was lovely meeting many of you last night at Back to School Night. There are a few things that I could use in our classroom to make things more efficient and fun. I thought I would put out a Classroom Wish List. I’ve never done this before, however, parents often ask if there’s anything they can do to help or donate. Below is my classroom wish list for right now, and in no particular order. I added a couple items to the list handed out last night.  Thank you for reading this, and for your continued support.

  • packs of lots of pens (black or blue, with caps, not clicky pens - I prefer Bic Round Stic in black or blue, but any are great)
  • Packs of RED pens
  • used tennis balls
  • cleaning wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • lined paper
  • staples
  • dry erase markers
  • 3x5 index cards
  • 4x6 index cards
  • packs of colored sharpies (for students' use for art on projects throughout the year)
  • brown paper grocery bags for covering books
  • new U.S. Presidents Bulletin Board Set (in order to include the current president) “Trend Enterprises U.S. Presidents Bulletin Board Set (T-8065)”
  • AA batteries (for clocks and various technology in the classroom)
  • Digital Wall Clock with seconds and date
  • Poster boards
  • Construction paper
  • Book binding repair tape (to repair the class set of textbooks)
  • hot glue sticks (to fix the class set of textbooks)
  • scotch tape (either generic or name brand is great)
  • pack of chalkboard markers
  • vinyl records with cover (for a super fun project in the spring)

Thank you,
Beth Richard
U.S. History Teacher
Nobel Charter Middle School