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Go Math 8th Grade Online Access

This is NOT new information for you.  You have completed the first 8 modules online in December and January of this school year!
To access Go Math 8th grade online resources and assignments:
- go to Schoology
- choose my class
- click on the HMH link on the left side of the screen under the "course options"
- click on Launch App
- choose "Go Math" Holt McDougal online
- make sure to choose "California GoMath 2015 Grade 8" on the right side next to the Resources
- if you wish to have an access to every lesson in CC Math 8, then click on the "Interactive Student Edition" icon to watch videos and participate in online tutorials
- student edition (CC Math 8 textbook) is also available online
- click on the word "Assignments," and you will see the new modules I have assigned.  You will be able to take each module test 3 times, and the highest score will be posted as a Classwork/Homework assignment in Schoology

My Office Hours

My Office Hours are Monday-Friday from 8am - 3pm. 
The best way to reach me is by email:

To Access Algebra I Textbook Online

  • Log in to Schoology
  • Choose your Period
  • Under the "Course Options" on the left side of the screen choose "Big Ideas"
  • Click on "Launch App"
  • Choose a "Student Dynamic EBook"
  • Click on Algebra I Textbook icon - the textbook will load
  • You may choose a page number I assigned on the top of the screen